Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Modest Proposal

Let's send THIS guy to Arizona.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

So There I Was, At KFC...

I had about 40 minutes to kill while I was waiting for my laundry, so I had dinner at the nearest restaurant, which was KFC. I was waiting for the rather confused and garrulous woman in front of me to finish her order. She claimed that kids today, they don't know how to save money. I said, they can't save money, what few jobs there are for them are low paying. She said it was the fault of the president, and I said, well, at least he's gone now.

"Oh, you thought I meant George Bush?"

I'm a sentient being who thinks logically, so, yeah.

She then proceeded to blame Clinton and Obama for the budget deficit.

I countered with some facts, like the fact Clinton left the nation with a projected budget surplus, and that I'm paying less taxes under Obama than I was under Bush.

From the corner of my eye, I saw the young people behind the counter smiling, some holding back laughter.

"Well, they certainly aren't strong leaders, like Reagan!"

I reminded her that the Marines barracks in Lebanon were bombed, and the only response Reagan had was to sell TOW missiles to the terrorists.

Luckily, they handed her her order then.

I remembered that I had forgotten to order a drink with my food. I asked for a soda, and they gave me the "Your money's no good here" gesture.

I got my platter, and there was a double helping of mashed potatoes. Later, one of the young gentlemen behind the counter motioned to me, and gave me two more pieces of chicken.

I waddled out feeling like I had just had Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanks, working people of KFC!

Friendly Tip

Dear Crazy People:

Threaten to kill the people behind "Family Guy" instead. Yeah, I know, they haven't insulted your prophet, but the show sucks even worse than "South Park".

You're welcome.