Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm having taquitos for dinner tonight. For the uninitiated, taquitos are stuffed tortillas rolled into a cylinder. They're not especially healthy, but they are tasty. I'm having taquitos because I couldn't stand the thought of having turkey today.

Earlier this year, I had to put my dog Damien down. We were together 12 years. Damien loved turkey. 

Damien was a bold little guy, and impulsive. These qualities led him to questionable acts. Jumping through a window, for example. 

It was this action that put me in a very unenviable position. I took him to an emergency vet, who asked for $1,300 to stitch up the four inch gash in his belly. Problem was, I had $1400 to my name. The only option was to take care of him, and figure a way out of my financial mess.

Several friends helped me financially, and one gave me a turkey she received from her workplace as a holiday bonus. Since she was vegetarian, she had no use for it.

When I brought Damien home, he was not happy with me. He didn't like being left alone at the clinic, didn't like being lifted into the car, didn't like his e-collar. Dogs have no concept of finance, and the fact I had nearly bankrupted myself saving him didn't register.

So, I cooked the turkey. At least we would eat for a few days, until I picked the last bit of turkey off the bones.

As soon as the turkey started cooking, Damien's mood changed. By the time the turkey was done, he was happy to see me again, and after we filled our bellies, we were best friends, as if the horrible night at the clinic never happened.

From that day forward, we had a new tradition. Dogsgiving. Turkey would be cooked, and we would feast together. And we'd be friends, always.

This year, he's not there. And I have no taste for for turkey this year.



I've added a new link list. This one's for people I know. The first entry is my friend Marianne, who has a blog that is appropriately titled marianne. Marianne has a fantastic wit and a tremendous sense of empathy, which is fortunate, as you need the first to survive the latter.

Marianne's impression of consumerism and holidays is uncannily similar to my own. I therefore heartily recommend that you visit her blog forthwith.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hullo Cleveland!

Yes. Yes, I did shamelessly steal the name of this blog from The Colbert Report.

What will you be reading in this space? My thoughts about life, music, film, politics and whatever else captures my fancy.

Who am I? I'm a guy who has a computer, an internet connection, and a view of my own importance sufficiently inflated that I believe anyone else ought to give a shit what I think.

What is it exactly that I believe? Well... that would be telling. You'll find out soon enough.